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$5.00 EACH

Proceeds go to Ralston's Police and Firefighters

Mugs can be purchased at Ralston City Hall, at 5500 S. 77th Street in Ralston, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Tree Replacement Project

The City of Ralston has obtained grant funding to replace trees in the downtown area.  The primary focus of the tree replacement is to address the threat of the Emerald Ash Borer insect.  Approximately 10 different species of trees will be used to replace the ash trees, continuing our commitment to being a Tree City.

The reasoning for this is to combat the threat that a small insect poses to all ash trees.  This insect, known as the emerald ash borer is currently in west/central Iowa and is heading this way.  This particular borer is devastating to all ash trees, no matter how large or small, old or young.  To get ahead of this eminent threat, the City plans to remove all ash trees from the downtown area and replace them (by June 1, 2016) with new species that are not on the ash borer’s food list.  

Ralston business owners will receive notices informing them that the ash tree outside their business has been marked to be removed within the next month. If you are a tenant of a building that is affected, please feel free to pass this information on to your landlord.

Below is a picture of the small beetle that has caused so much destruction.

Pay for City Services Online

The City is accepting online payment for many services. Recently added is the ability to use your favorite credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express) to pay for building and plumbing permits as well as licenses.

This service is in addition to the payments that are accepted online by the Ralston Police Department. You can request and pay for a police report online or pay parking tickets online. All waiverable traffic citations may also be paid online through the State of Nebraska Web site. If your traffic citation indicates at the bottom that it is "waiverable" and it has dollar amounts filled in, then the citation is eligible to be pain online.

To access the online reports and payment options for the Ralston Police Department, hover over the Police Department link on the left side of any City Web page and choose the link you want.


“Click It or Ticket” November 21-27 

The Ralston Police Department will join local and national law enforcement officers and highway safety advocates all across the country for the 2016 national “Click It or Ticket” seat belt enforcement mobilization, November 21-27, 2016.  The Nebraska Office of Highway Safety has approved an overtime grant of approximately $1,500 for the Ralston Police Department to conduct increased patrols during this time frame.  

During the mobilization, officers will be focusing on motorists who fail to wear their seat belts-both day and night.  The grant will pay for 32 overtime hours for officers to concentrate on traffic enforcement, with special emphasis on stop sign, speeding, traffic signal and child restraint violations.    

In 2015, 191 occupants in motor vehicles died in traffic crashes in Nebraska, with 142 (74.3%) of them not wearing seat belts.  However, many thousands more were injured.  Their deaths and injuries could have been substantially reduced with the use of seatbelts.

Faced with the fact that injury or deaths can be reduced by 45 to 50 percent if seatbelts are used, it is imperative that a concentrated effort toward seatbelt use is aggressively pursued.

High visibility enforcement such as the “Click It or Ticket” mobilization is credited with increasing the national belt usage rate from 58 percent in 1994 to an observed usage rate of 87 percent in 2014 for drivers and front seat passengers.  Child restraint use was at nearly 96% for the year.  

The Ralston Police Department is proud to team up with Nebraska Office of Highway Safety in their “Click It or Ticket” campaign.  With this partnership, we are striving to increase safety belt usage in Nebraska from 79.1% to 81.1% by the end of the year.

Law enforcement will be cracking down on Click It or Ticket violators around the clock.  Local motorists should buckle up.  If law enforcement finds you on the road unbuckled anytime or anywhere, you can expect to get a ticket-not a warning.  No excuses and no exceptions.

Remember this November 21st to 27th:   It’s “Click It or Ticket.”  Buckle up and encourage your loved ones to do the same.  You’ll save the cost of a ticket and may even save a life.​


Online Payments

The City accepts online payments for many services, including various permits and licenses.

“Food for Fines” December 1 - 23

Have unpaid parking tickets? Do you have overdue books? The
Ralston Police Department and Ralston’s Baright Public Library are partnering in “Food for Fines.”

Parking ticket = 5 non-perishable items per ticket
Overdue books = 1 non-perishable item per account

Parking tickets may still be paid at the Ralston Police Department and at City Hall.

NOTE: NO RAMEN NOODLES, no glass containers, no expired food, no dented damaged cans, and no previously opened packages. 

All proceeds will benefit the Food Bank for the Heartland.

“You Drink and Drive, You Lose”  Campaign
December 15 - January 1

The Ralston Police Department is pleased to announce that the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety has approved an overtime grant of $3,500 for increased patrols starting December 15, 2016, through January 1, 2017.  

The grant will pay for the Ralston Police Department to have additional officers working 74 overtime hours on the streets during this grant period.  Through saturated patrols and enforcement of all traffic laws, officers’ emphasis will be on recognizing and stopping impaired drivers.  Officers will be cracking down on alcohol-related offenses such as Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs, Minor In Possession, Open Container, and Minor DUI

In 2015, 33% of all fatal crashes were alcohol involved, a decrease from the 36.9% from 2014.  Of the 246 deaths that occurred on Nebraska roads in 2015, 83 were alcohol-related, a 6% increase from 2014.  The “You Drink and Drive, You Lose” crackdown is a national effort to reduce the number of motorists injured or killed due to alcohol-related crashes. This campaign will run through the Christmas and New Year holidays in response to the high number of vehicles traveling during these times.

The Ralston Police Department is proud to team up with the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety in their “You Drink and Drive, You Lose” campaign.  

Ralston Connector Trail Under 84th Street Viaduct Closure Effective March 8

The Ralston Connector Trail under the 84th Street Viaduct will be closed indefinitely from Serum Ave to 84th Frontage Road as of 9:00 AM, Tuesday, March 8, due to safety concerns with falling debris.

Oversized Coffee Mugs

If you have any questions please call the Ralston Park’s Department at 402-593-0485

Our Mission:

The City of Ralston is a dedicated and caring team of volunteers, staff, and officials who provide high-quality, equitably priced services to sustain a safe and progressive community that supports family values.

Our Vision:

The City of Ralston will deliver economic, creative, cultural, and community development strategies to generate a quality of life that is a beacon of dynamic and independent small town culture within the metro area.

Change in City Council Meeting Time Effective January 2016

Beginning with the first meeting of the City Council on January 5, 2016, the Council will meet at 5:30PM on the first and third Tuesdays of every month. 

Upcoming Events at the Ralston Arena

Nov. 2016 to  Jan. 2017

Main events in the coming months includes Leann Rimes - Today is Christmas Tour  on December 10th.
A partial list of events can be accessed here.  For a complete list go to