Arts and Creative District Governance Board

The City of Ralston has recently declared an area of their community, the “Ralston Arts & Creative District” (RACD) to use the Arts to attract residents, businesses, and creative economy entrepreneurs to the community. The District is a place where innovation and creativity can thrive.  A Creative District is a fun place to live, work, and visit. It is the heart of a community and is a geographically defined area of cultural and economic activity. The Arts & Creative District is a place for people to gather and enjoy Ralston's arts and culture.

The Ralston Arts & Creative District Governance Board was created to represent the diversity of business leadership and arts advocacy in Ralston. 

The Ralston Arts & Creative District Governance Board is hosting an exciting art competition titled "The Recycled Letters Art Project".  This competition includes a $3,000 ARTIST AWARD to celebrate the creation of the new District.  For more information, please click the blue box on the top left side of the screen. 

Board Members

Name Title
Deb Groesser Member
Deniz Botkin Member
Jason Feldman Member
Scott Olsen Member
Amy Roeder Member
Brian Kavanaugh Member
Chloe Hamel Member
Jody Strauch Member
Andrew Prystai Member
Neil Eilers Member
Kelsey Ostendorf Member
Brent Blecha Member