City of Ralston

                "The Heart of the Metro" 
                                Ralston, Nebraska

Mobile Food Vendor

Ordinance No. 1210: An ordinance amending section 1700 of article 17 of chapter 10 of the Ralston Municipal Code dealing with definitions in the application of the restaurant and drinking places occupation tax; to repeal all provisions in conflict thereof and to provide an effective date.

Please submit completed Mobile Food Vendor License Application with supporting documentation to :

Ralston City Hall

5500 S. 77th Street

Ralston, NE 68127 

Call 402-331-6677 or email with questions

By downloading and submitting this application for a Mobile Food Vendor's License you agree you have read and understood the ordinances. 

Mobile Food Vendors provide a beneficial service to the general public within the city while, due to their distinct mode of operation, also presenting substantial differences of circumstances from other food retailers and vehicle users.  In the City of Ralston Mobile Food Vendors are regulated and require licenses. 

Ordinance No. 1211: An ordinance amending sections of article 2 of Chapter 10 of the Ralston Municipal code dealing with the regulation of itinerant sales; to repeal provisions in conflict therewithin and to provide an effective date. 

Ordinances regulating mobile food vendors:

Ordinance No 1208: Authorizing Mobile Food Vendors; to provide rules and regulations governing mobile food vendors; to provide for the issuance of license for mobile food vendors and the collection thereof; to provide for penalties for violation of the provisions herefor.

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