Ralston City Council Regular Meeting
Tuesday, June 19 2018

The Ralston City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at 5:30 PM at Ralston City Hall.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Roll was called with the following present: Mayor Groesser and Council members Konwinski, Fideline, Alberhasky, Krause, Sanchez, and Preis.  The agenda was available at City Hall for public inspection and posted prior to the meeting.  The legal notice for the meeting was published in the Ralston Recorder.  Claims listed are approved and part of these minutes.

Deacon Lonnie Dineen, St. Gerald Catholic Church, gave the invocation.  Mayor Groesser welcomed the press and guests.  Groesser said the meeting is subject to the Nebraska Open Meetings Act and a copy of the Act is posted at the rear of the Council Chambers.

The City Council reviewed the following items under the consent agenda:

1.  Minutes from the June 5, 2018 regular city council meeting;

2.  Claims;
3.  Monthly Financial Report; and
4,  Department Head and/or Commission Reports.

Motion to approve Consent Agenda and addition to claims and the recommendation to move item number 1 under action items before the discussion items by Krause, seconded by Alberhasky.  On roll call vote, the following votes were recorded on the electronic voting board. Aye:  Konwinski, Fideline, Alberhasky, Krause and Sanchez.  Nay:  None.  Abstaining:  Preis.  Absent:  None.  Motion carried. 

Forrest reported that Resolution 2018-13 has been revised and the revised copy is at the council seats.  The revision replaces 79th Street and Highland Street with 79th Street and Oakwood Street.  Forrest reported the Historic Preservation Commission held their first meeting and it was mostly an orientation meeting.  Forrest reported the Douglas County Commissioner, Jim Cavanaugh, will be conducting public meetings on land valuations and there is one at the Ralston Arena this evening at 6:00 PM.

Bohling distributed the tentative budget schedule for this year.  Discussion was held on the number of meetings to be held for the budget and Bohling indicated it is planned to have the Finance Committee review it prior to City Council review.  Forrest said more meetings can be scheduled if needed.  He and Bohling are hoping to have a scrubbed budget before it comes to City Council. 

Canfield reported the May Library Report is in the council packet.

Frank Peterson reported they are in the process of installing the Point of Sale system at the arena and it is going well.  There will be a hot tub expo, sneaker expo and video game expo at the arena this weekend.

Groesser opened recognition of Finding Life Church for clean up of Ralston property.  Forrest has been serving as the Code Enforcement Officer and there was a property that presented a problem where the owner was an elderly lady with health issues on a fixed income.  She was unable to maintain her property.  Forrest reached out to Finding Life Church to help her.  Forrest introduced Travis Cobb, Associate Pastor, and recognized him for the great job his church did to clean up the property.

Mr. Cobb said that Finding Life Church meets in Ralston High School and church members had an idea that they wanted to serve the Ralston community and helping to clean up properties and doing small jobs was a way to do that.  Church members cleaned up the property on June 10th.  They tore out trees and bushes, mowed the grass and got rid of a lot of the overgrown grass.  The deck is a hazard and the church members are trying to figure out how the property owner can get money for the materials and the church members will fix it for her.

Groesser expressed appreciation to Finding Life Church members.

Groesser opened discussion on the personnel policy manual.  This has been through the Finance Committee.  Krause said the Finance Committee has had three meetings to review the draft personnel policy manual and this is before the council because it has not been determined that the current personnel policy manual was ever approved by the City Council in its entirety.  Krause anticipates there will be additional meetings once council members have had a chance to review the draft in its entirety.  The personnel policy manual needs to be competitive with the other municipalities around Ralston.  Ralston has extremely generous benefits and health insurance continue to increase.

Ralston will continue to provide a very attractive benefits policy for its employees.  There are some things in the manual that don’t make any sense and the City can make it better for the employee.  Sick leave benefits mean different things to different people.  Krause commented on vacation and vacation accrual and retiree benefits.  Those are dramatically changing across the entire country and those need to be reviewed to see if the City is still being competitive.

The Finance Committee is not ready to debate this issue and will provide time for employee feedback before the personnel policy manual is presented to the entire council for action.  The City Council received a letter from Public Works and received some good suggestions from that letter. Additional meetings are planned and the Finance Committee is committed to having employee meetings.   Council has not had a real good chance at this point to review the manual.  Alberhasky commented on tracking the changes so council members could see what was changed.  Forrest said the draft personnel policy manual is pretty much a complete rewrite of the original personnel manual.  He recommended council members look at the draft and focus on the key areas like vacation time, sick time,  and retiree medical insurance.  Those are some of the more involved issues and a lot of the other issues are not very complicated.  Forrest also suggested to look at the comments provided to council members from the Public Works Department.

There was some discussion about council members not being able to open the attachments in their emails.

Preis commented that City employees came to the meeting to defend what they feel is their right to what they have been promised.  There needs to be better judgement on what is going on the agenda. 

Konwinski commented on the 15-minute break period and adding that back in.  She also commented on the retiree health insurance change to 60 years of age.  Ralston has some people who have worked for the City for a long time and they expect to get the retiree health insurance and Konwinski added that should remain as it was at 55 years of age.

After some discussion, Forrest indicated the draft was provided to senior management staff.  It was not provided to all City employees because it should really be reviewed by council members first.  One of the deficiencies in developing the first personnel manual is that it never went to the City Council for review and approval.  The benefits were not authorized by the City Council.  Forrest said the City Council are the ones to vote on what the benefits package is going to be and they did not have that opportunity.  Now there is the opportunity to start fresh.  He urged council members to take a look at the current manual and the draft manual and come up with a series of benefits that the council can agree on and that the employees feel are fair and reflects what is typical of the other communities.

Forrest said the City Council also need to keep in mind the taxpayer and what type of benefits they enjoy.  Other communities need to be referenced to come up with a balance.  As difficult as it is, it is a worthwhile exercise to go through and this will be something that the City Council will understand and endorse. 

Forrest said the draft personnel manual format was based on what he used in Pennsylvania but La Vista, Papillion and Bellevue policies and benefits were referenced.  Sanchez said that Finance Committee members got copies of the policies that were congruent with the issues and there was discussion.  Preis asked to be provided copies.

Sanchez said it is good practice for any organization to revisit all policies periodically and policies need to be considered on a case by case basis.  More consideration needs to go into who those policies affect and how to get the feedback and how to take the feedback and build it into something constructive for the new policies.  This needs to have a quantitative approach and a qualitative approach.  The quantitative being what the numbers are and from a qualitative side it is important to take a look at what the City values are.  Sanchez commented on integrity and following through on commitment.  He is all for having the discussion as long as who is being impacted by the policies are being considered as well as taking in the qualitative and quantitative parts.

Konwinski commented on keeping the current benefits for the current employees and Sanchez said the City needs to rethink their approach to this entire matter.  Alberhasky said the department heads need to be at the Finance Committee meeting because when it is all said and done, it is not affecting the City Council, it is affecting the employees.

Forrest said this is an attempt to balance all the interests, that of the current employees and the taxpayer and taking a look at what is typical in other communities.  The department heads and employees have a vested interest in this process.  Council members have requested the department heads be at the Finance Committee meeting to review the draft personnel manual.  Krause reminded council members that the Finance Committee will conduct employee meetings.  He said the purpose of this being on the agenda was for council to review and provide feedback and meet with the employees once council had reviewed it.  Krause reiterated that sick leave should be used when someone is sick and he doesn’t like the idea of paying out for unused sick leave.  However, that is something the council needs to discuss.  Krause said not to get worked up over something that is only half done.  It needs to get to the point where it is good and it is up to the council to approve whatever they want to approve.  Krause is all in favor of giving employees a good benefit package.  He commented on the reason for committees.  Krause expressed appreciation to Public Works for the letter.

Kari Valla, administrative assistant to the Chief of Police, appreciates council members that are looking after the employees.  She said the City of Ralston is not a typical city and employees of Ralston are a family.  She pours her heart into her job and as do all the employees of the City.

Groesser said there is still a way to go with the manual.  He asked council members to provide input to Forrest.  There will be some employee meetings and he appreciates everyone attending the meeting and appreciates their concern.  The City of Ralston is a family and a good city and everyone does a great job.

Groesser opened discussion of the proposed road repair program.  Freshman commented on the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) information included in the council packets.  It is a three year outlook at the requirements for the Street Department.  The first page is the current budget year and the City is requesting an additional $300,000 in bonding.  That would be used to mill and overlay various streets around Ralston.  Schemmer Associates will quantify the areas in the mill and overlay bid documents.  It will include the parade route starting at 82nd and Q Streets and coming down Miller Avenue and the areas from 77th Street east of the intersection, a couple areas in Wildewood to include 81st Street and Robin Hill Avenue.

Schemmer will start the design work, the bid will be let in July and work will begin in July or early August with a payout in September.  It will include mill and overlay and permanent striping.  Freshman commented on deep repairs and all of those are intended to be $300,000 or less.  The streets on page one of the Capital Improvement Program are the top priority streets.  Freshman commented on asphalt and the performance.  There are some routes that should have been milled and overlaid five years ago.  Asphalt is a great fix, but not a replacement. When there are limited dollars, asphalt is a good product.

Forrest said the Schemmer proposal for engineering on the agenda is in support of the $300,000 project for the top priority streets that Freshman wants to get done this year.  Freshman said the proposal for $14,500 is a very good price. Public Works will do as much of the day-to-day on-site stuff as they can and will only call in Schemmer when needed.

Freshman commented on the second year list of the Capital Improvement Program, which would be approximately $1.3 million.  Jerry Chancellor has identified the areas and the majority of them are north.  Freshman commented on the 84th Street “blow up”, on a panel replacement project and prioritizing the streets for the second year.

Freshman commented on the third year and indicated that Harrison Street was moved to the third year but if it would worsen, it would be fixed accordingly.  The third year is estimated at $776,000. 

If Ameritas provides more than $300,000, there are areas where it could certainly be utilized.  The entire three year program is estimated at $2.7 million.  Forrest inquired how the program would help Public Works in their operation and Freshman said it will hopefully keep overtime down and more projects can be done.

John Trecek, Ameritas Investment Corporation, said the City is feeling their way back into the market.  The City has made in-roads on the other indebtedness.  He commented on the $400,000 street improvement bond. The CIP is a three year program and the City would have paid off a little over $6.5 million of outstanding debt.  Trecek is fairly confident in what Ameritas can do to meet the demands.  Trecek commented on bond anticipation notes for the state project at the second council meeting in August.  Permanent bonds cannot be issued until the bridge project is complete.

Forrest inquired what the next immediate steps would be if the city council and Freshman were interested in pursuing the $300,000.  Trecek said an engineer’s estimate cost would need to be done.  Bonds are put together with the transcript of the proceedings and the City would need to justify to the IRS that they need the $300,000.  Ameritas would come before the city council with an ordinance and ask that the three readings be waived so the interest rates could be locked in.  The money would be provided within 30 days and wire transferred into the bank on the closing date.  Trecek said it is necessary to fast-track the engineering estimate because that is what bond counsel will look at.

Groesser opened consideration of Resolution 2018-12 to honor Baright Library Director Francine Canfield on her retirement.  Krause introduced Resolution 2018-12 and Russell read the title of the Resolution.  Krause moved and Alberhasky seconded to approve Resolution 2018-12.

RESOLUTION HONORING BARIGHT             )         
ON HER RETIREMENT                                     )

            WHEREAS, Francine Canfield has completed thirteen years as Library Director at the Baright Public Library; and

            WHEREAS, during these thirteen years of service to the Ralston Community, Francine Canfield has conscientiously and capably served its citizens, Library staff, Library Board, City Departments and Civic groups with dedication to the highest principles of community service by providing a consistently high quality of friendly library services; and

            WHEREAS, through creating a strategic plan addressing the unique needs of the Ralston community through planning, use of resources, services, cooperation, collaboration and communication with Library communities throughout Nebraska, Francine was the driving force behind the Baright Public Library receiving and continuously maintaining the highest level of Nebraska Public Library accreditation; and

         WHEREAS, Francine’s participation in the Public Librarian Certification Program through the Nebraska Library Commission indicates her dedication to acquire, maintain and develop skills to improve library service and to foster those skills in her staff; and

            WHEREAS, Francine has been instrumental in promoting the Library’s role in the community through her active involvement with the Nebraska Library Commission and the Douglas County Library System and by leading the Library community through countless technology changes including the Baright Library database with other member libraries; and

            WHEREAS,  Francine’s service on the University of Nebraska at Omaha Library Friends Board of Directors helped the University Library Friends grow in membership, fundraising capabilities, and community outreach; and

           WHEREAS, the City of Ralston, as well as Francine’s co-workers and peers have greatly benefited from her professional skills and courteous and positive attitude during her years of service to the community.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Ralston Library Board of Trustees, and Mayor and City Council of the City of Ralston, hereby join the Baright Library staff members, colleagues and the citizens of the City in expressing their sincere appreciation to Francine Canfield for her many accomplishments, and extend to her best wishes for a well-deserved and enjoyable retirement.

            PASSED AND ADOPTED this 19th day of June, 2018.
/s/Donald A. Groesser, Mayor

/s/Rosemarie Russell, City Clerk

On roll call vote, the following votes were recorded on the electronic voting board. Aye:  Konwinski, Fideline, Alberhasky, Krause, Sanchez and Preis.  Nay:  None.  Absent:  None.  Motion carried.   

Groesser read and presented the resolution to Canfield.  Canfield thanked everyone for their support over the years.  Everyone in the Ralston community has been very wonderful.

Groesser opened consideration of Resolution 2018-13 to establish “No Parking Here to Corner” signs.  Konwinski introduced Resolution 2018-13 and Russell read the title of the Resolution.  Konwinski moved and Alberhasky seconded to approve Resolution 2018-13.  Groesser indicated that the City ordinance requires a resolution for the placement of signs and signals.

PLACEMENT OF NO PARKING               )           RESOLUTION 2018-13

            WHEREAS, the City of Ralston, Douglas County, Nebraska has the authority, by resolution, to provide for the placement of signs and signals for the purposes of regulating traffic within the municipality's jurisdiction; and,

            WHEREAS, the City Council has determined that no parking signs are needed at certain locations upon said streets to prohibit parking near an intersection, as hereinafter more specifically set forth.

            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Ralston City Council and the Mayor of Ralston, Nebraska, that “No Parking Here to Corner” signs be placed as follows:

1.         On the east side of South 79th Street, at least 40 feet north of the tangent of the intersecting curb lines for South 79th Street and Park Drive and 20 feet north of the crosswalk, prohibiting parking between the sign and the intersection of South 79th Street and Park Drive.

2.         On the east side of South 80th Street, at least 40 feet north of the tangent of the intersecting curb lines for South 80th Street and Park Drive and 20 feet north of the crosswalk, prohibiting parking between the sign and the intersection of South 80th Street and Park Drive.

3.         On the east side of Woodlawn Avenue, at least 40 feet north of the tangent of the intersecting curb lines for Woodlawn Avenue and Park Drive and  20 feet north of the crosswalk, prohibiting parking between the sign and the intersection of Woodlawn Avenue and Park Drive.

4.         On the north side of Oakwood Street, at least 40 feet west of the tangent of the intersecting curb lines for South 79th Street and Oakwood Street and 20 feet west of the crosswalk, prohibiting parking between the sign and the intersection of South 79th Street and Oakwood Street.

This regulation shall be effective twenty-four hours per day.

            Dated this 19th day of June, 2018.




Approved as to form:
/s/MARK A. KLINKER, City Attorney

On roll call vote, the following votes were recorded on the electronic voting board. Aye:  Konwinski, Fideline, Alberhasky, Krause, Sanchez and Preis.  Nay:  None.  Absent:  None.  Motion carried. 

Groesser opened consideration of the professional services proposal for the City of Ralston Mill and Overlay Project 2018 from Schemmer Associates, Inc. in the amount of $14,500.00.  Freshman introduced Rob Duvall from Schemmer Associates and recommended approval of the proposal.  Duvall said the services to be provided consist of design, bidding and construction phase services.

There being no further discussion, Krause moved and Alberhasky seconded to approve the professional services proposal for the City of Ralston Mill and Overlay Project 2018 from Schemmer Associates, Inc., in the amount of $14,500.00. On roll call vote, the following votes were recorded on the electronic voting board. Aye:  Konwinski, Fideline, Alberhasky, Krause, Sanchez and Preis.  Nay:  None.  Absent:  None.  Motion carried. 

Groesser opened consideration of the special designated license for the American Legion for a beer garden on July 4, 2018.  Barry Vogel, American Legion Commander, indicated the Legion provides a chicken dinner after the Independence Day parade and in the evening they provide music outside of the Legion.  It has worked out very well in the past and provides additional income to the Legion.  The beer garden will be a completely enclosed fenced area and the only way for anyone to get into the beer garden would be through the Legion building.  There will be someone designated to card people and they will be provided with wristbands.  Vogel said the outside music will be from 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM at the latest.

There being no further discussion, Krause moved and Alberhasky seconded to approve the special designated license for the American Legion for a beer garden on July 4, 2018.  On roll call vote, the following votes were recorded on the electronic voting board. Aye:  Konwinski, Fideline, Alberhasky, Krause, Sanchez and Preis.  Nay:  None.  Absent:  None.  Motion carried. 

Public comment:  Freshman thanked all the City employees who showed up for the meeting and asked the council members for their consideration on the personnel manual.

Leonardo thanked the members from the Police Department and everyone else from the City departments.  He appreciates the council’s support in looking into this matter because it does affect a lot of people.  Leonardo also commented that if there is something put on the agenda for discussion, it should be discussed.  Lastly, he did receive some comments from the City stating they are not trying to punish anyone and just wanted to treat everyone fairly with the personnel manual changes.  He said they are punishing people and urged it to be looked at further.

Jan Gorman, 6609 S. 83rd Avenue, encouraged everyone to enter a pie in the pie baking contest on July 3rd.  The Archives Museum is open from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM on July 3rd.

Groesser said there will be a quick City Council meeting on July 3rd.

Council comment:  Konwinski wished Canfield luck and thanked everyone for being at the meeting.  Fideline said he would be glad to speak to the City employees.  Alberhasky wished Canfield a good retirement.  Krause congratulated Canfield on her retirement and wished her luck.  Krause commented that discussion items on the agenda are for the council’s discussion and not necessarily an open debate with the audience.  He is happy employees were here tonight to express thoughts.  He hopes that when everything is said and done there will be benefits that are very good to our employees that the council can feel good about.  Krause commented on grandfathering and thinks there may be some certain grandfathering that will happen.  Employees do not need to leave the meeting thinking this will be the worst thing to happen.  The council will look at the financial and moral side.  The council wants a good set of benefits that provide fairness to the employees and taxpayer.  Sanchez feels blessed that he lives in a country or even a city where these discussions can be held.  He is very honored and humbled to serve the community, the citizens and the employees.

Groesser said that July 3rd and 4th are the biggest days for the City of Ralston and all the employees will be working really hard to make sure it is successful.  He thanked the employees in advance.

Groesser commented that there was a change made in the City by hiring a City Administrator and things are being done differently than when the Mayor was running the City with the department heads help.  There is always change and change is not easy.  There are a lot of benefits that our City Administrator is looking into now that there was not time to do previously.  Now there is a person in the City that is trying to listen and guide the City and trying to help the City.  The City Administrator has many items on his plate that Groesser never even thought needed to be looked at and it benefits the entire City at the end of the day.  Groesser said things will be taken slowly and everyone will work together to make the best changes and do what is best for Ralston.

There being no further business to come before the Council, the meeting was adjourned at 6:46 PM.

Next regular meeting Tuesday, July 3, 2018 at 5:30 PM.

Rosemarie D. Russell                                   Donald A. Groesser
City Clerk                                                       Mayor

CLAIMS  - 06-19-2018 – 911 Custom, 579.00, Equipment; A & C Tree Service, 2,300.00, Tree Service; AAA Rents, 2,073.49, Rental; AB Refrigeration, 1,075.39, Labor & Materials; Agrivision Equipment Group, 1,873.48, Parts; American Legion Post #373, 600.00, Basement Rent; American Lift & Sign Service, 9,077.50, Service & Materials; Ameripride Services, 90.86, Building Maint; Appetize Technologies, Inc, 1.00, Void Check; Axon Enterprise, Inc., 272.00, Equipment; Baxter Auto, 1,037.97, Parts; Black Hills Energy, 254.75, Utilities; BMI Janitorial Group, 16,616.25, Janitorial; Capital One Commercial, 170.99 Supplies; Carbonhouse, Inc., 500.00, Svcs; Carpenter Paper Co., 78.72, Supplies; Caselle, Inc., 1,151.00, Contract Support; CCL Supply, 397.54, Supplies; Center Point Large Print, 89.28, Books; Century Certified Service, 129.00, Pest Control; Chief School Bus Service, 308.75, Concert; City of La Vista, 944.90, Special Services Bus; City of Ralston/Dave Isbell, 10,000.00, Pension; City of Ralston Lottery Jackpot fund, 8,618.16, Transfer to Lottery Jackpot Acct; CompChoice, 50.00, Testing; Coughlan Companies LLC, 21.99, Books; Cox Business Services, 3,599.20, Cable/Internet; Diamond Laundry Service, Inc., 74.85, Laundry; Digital Advertising Media, 2,500.00, Advertising; Donut Express, 1,157.94, Sales Commissions; Douglas County Treasurer, 75.20, Citations; Eakes Office Solutions, 492.87, Supplies; Echo Group, Inc., 137.00, Parts; Elliott Equipment Co., 1,780.00, Equipment; Enviro-Master Services, 30.00, Janitorial; Experian, 27.72, Svcs; Factory Motor Parts Co., 39.26, Parts; Findaway, 512.98, Library Materials; Fireguard, Inc., 483.25, Inspection; Fleek, Brianna, 100.00, Janitorial;  Forrest, David, 17.34, Reimbursement; Fraser Stryker, 1,450.57, Svcs; Galls, LLC, 63.95, Equipment; Gibbs Rental & Sales Ltd., 122.50 Rental; Global Financial Group, 160.27, Armored Car Svc; Helget Gas Products, 396.36, Supplies; Hometown Leasing, 133.47, Svcs; Hood Masters, Inc., 629.00, Hood Cleaning; Humana Insurance Co., 2,548.89, Insurance; Hy-Vee Accounts Payable, 244.29, Supplies; Ingram Library Services, Inc., 4,016.18, Books; Inland Truck Parts & Services, 840.29, Parts; Integrated Solutions, Inc., 3,493.33, Computer Support; Johnson Hardware Co., 183.20, Parts; Klabunde’s Delivery, Inc., 31.00, Delivery Svcs; KCL Group Benefits, 1,206.54, Life Ins; Klinker, Mark, 2,646.00, Legal Svcs; Kotecki, Kyle, 516.51, Payroll; Leonardo, Marc, 87.77, Petty Cash; M & M Staffing, 1,641.82, Contract Labor; Mac Rae Productions, 125.00, Hoist; Main Street Café, 148.60, Sales Commissions; MAPA, 10.33, Svcs; Martin Asphalt, 299.70, Supplies; Mason, Adel Sharif, 125.00, Recovered Lost Property; Menards-Ralston, 181.32, Supplies; Metropolitan Utilities District, 190.92, Utilities; Michael Todd & Company, Inc., 829.98, Svcs; Mid-American Benefits, Inc., 160.50, Fees; Midlands Business Journal, 75.00, Subscription; Midlands Lighting & Electric, 52.42, Svcs; Morrow & Associates, Inc., 1,500.00 Consultant Svc; Nebraska Environmental Product, 626.22, Repairs; Nebraska Iowa Supply Co., Inc., 2,319.36, Fuel; OCLC, Inc., 339.29, Cataloging & Metadata; Omaha Dispatch, 450.00, Advertising; Omaha Douglas Publ Bldg Comm, 17.75, Parking; Omaha Public Library, 11,334.00, Annual Agmt; Omaha World Herald, 539.90, Legals; O’Malley, Margaret, 418.00, Janitorial; Omni Engineering, 1,070.22, Supplies; One Call Concepts, Inc., 108.27, Locate Fees; Papillion Sanitation, 304.70, Garbage Collection; Peopleready, Inc., 1,286.18, Contract Labor; Pepperball, 1,022.98, Supplies; Pitney Bowes-Pa, 1,719.63, Postage Meter; Port-A-Johns Inc., 140.00, Rental; Prairie Life Fitness, 170.13, Reimbursement; Protective Security Advisors, 5,677.50, Security; Quill Corporation, 329.44, Office Supplies; R & R Specialties of Wisconsin, 40.30, Water Filter; Ralston Arena Operating Acct, 5565.50 Settlement; Ralston Automotive, 2,911.73, Supplies; Ralston Fire Dept., Inc., 2,002.00, EMS Provider; Ralston Insurance Agency, 4,213.00, W/C Audit; Recorded Books, Inc., 311.65, Books; RedItech, 2,800.00, Computer Support; Reliance Barcode Solutions, LLC, 270.90, Office Supplies; Ridder, Justine, 27.01, Reimbursement; Rose Brand Wipers, Inc., 736.68, Supplies; Rotella, 79.14, Supplies; S & S Pumping, 275.00, Svcs; Schemmer & Associates, 1,275.00, Svcs; Service Master Com’l Bldg., 481.00, Janitorial Svcs; Sharp, Dara, 26.50, Refund; Shell, 106.94, Fuel; Spin Linen Management, 377.33, Linens; State Chemical Solutions, 218.28, Supplies; The Arbor Day Foundation, 154.60, Supplies; Titan Machinery-Omaha, 443.62, Supplies; Tractor Supply Credit Plan, 19.99, Supplies; Trans Union Risk & Alternative, 15.10, Svcs; Turfbuilders Lawn Care, Inc., 660.00, Svcs; Unique Books, Inc., 53.70, Books; USPS, 500.00, Postage; U.S. Foods, 1,694.86, Supplies; Verizon Wireless, 1,298.64, Phone; Waldinger Corporation, 4,253.91, Contract/Repairs; Water Engineering, Inc., 175.00 Svc Agreement; Westlake Ace Hardware, 79.76, Supplies.

Council Minutes-Archive

City Council Minutes

The Ralston City Council meets the first and third Tuesday of the month.  The minutes of the meeting are posted below.

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