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Ralston City Council Regular Meeting
Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Ralston City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 5:30 PM at Ralston City Hall.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Roll was called with the following present: Mayor Groesser and Council members Konwinski, Fideline, Alberhasky, and Sanchez.  Council members Krause and Preis were absent. The agenda was available at City Hall for public inspection and posted prior to the meeting.  The legal notice for the meeting was published in the Ralston Recorder.  Claims listed are approved and part of these minutes.

Pastor Greg Berger, Messiah Lutheran Church, gave the invocation.  Mayor Groesser welcomed the press and guests.  Groesser said the meeting is subject to the Nebraska Open Meetings Act and a copy of the Act is posted at the rear of the Council Chambers.

The following building permits were approved - #10193 to James & Cathy Thomits, 7615 Serum Avenue – Install Fence - $500.00; #10200 to Mary Newman, 6167 S. 73rd Circle – Install furnace - $4,500.00; #10202 to Sebastian Rey, 6817 S. 87th Street – Install wood fence - $2,400.00; #10201 to Matthew Whitaker, 6618 S. 87th Street – Install chain link fence - $2,382.00; #10204 to Rebecca Fisher, 5037 S. 81st Street – Remove and replace roof - $7,507.00; #10203 to Cheryl Fields, 5105 S. 80th Street – Replace roof - $6,000.00; #10205 to Jessica Kephart, 6791 S. 75th Street – Pre-connect and replace 200 amp service/panel - $1,500.00; #10206 to Dustin Rhods, 7209 Washington Street – Deck replacement - $3,000.00; #10207 to Larry M. Gerlt, 8510 Monroe Street – Electrical work for sunroom - $1,200.00; #10208 to Keystone Main St. LLC, 5364 S. 72nd Street – build interior walls and electrical - $55,000.00; #10209 to Spruce Meadows Properties LLC, 7739 Main Street – Upgrade electric services - $6,000.00; #10210 to Spruce Meadows Properties LLC, 7739 Main Street – Furnace, air handler, duct work - $6,420.00; #10211 to Ruth Henrichs, 6223 S. 79th Circle – Install water heater - $975.00; #10212 to Steve Duracinski, 5126 S. 81st Street – Replace furnace, a/c, humidifier & duct work - $8,341.00; #10213 to Klinker Golden LLC, 5010 S. 80th Street – Install furnace a/c and coil - $7,700.00; #10214 to Michael Sanchez, 7903 Heritage Circle – Finish basement - $45,000.00; #10215 to Loni Arehart, 94 Country Club road – Install 42” wood fence - $800.00; #10216 to Cassandra Tremel, 6315 S. 73rd Street – Replace furnace, a/c, coil - $9,282.00; #10217 to Sanoma LLP, 7308 Harrison Street – Rewire space - $10,000.00; #10218 to Klinker Golden LLC, 5010 S. 80th Street – Rewire house - $7,900.00; #10220 to Klinker Golden LLC, 5010 S. 80th Street – Repipe house - $3,000.00; #10222 to Jessica Kephart, 6791 S. 75th Street–Install air conditioner and heater - $6,432.00; #10223 to Steven Walz, 6211 S. 73rd Street – Tear out and replace driveway - $7,431.00; #10224 to 5616 S. 77th LLC, 5616 S. 77th Street – Install new sign - $1,200.00; #10225 to Jeremy Mass, 8329 Main Street – Install furnace and duct work - $2,900.00; #10226 to Mark McCracken, 5033 Sunset Drive – Remove and replace roof - $8,917.00; #10227 to Klinker Golden LLC, 5010 S.  80th Street – Complete Fire restoration - $90,000.00; #10228 to Janel Peterson, 4733 S. 79th Street – Complete electrical service changeout - $1,400.00; #10229 to Keystone Main St., LLC, 5364 S. 72nd Street – Relocate breakroom sink - $1,000.00; #10230 to David R. Pitts, 55 Country Club Road – Remove stoop/sidewalk and replace with deck and new sidewalk - $4,000.00; #10231 to Jessica Kephart, 6791 S. 75th Street– Repair electrical work - $2,000.00; #10232 to Jacob W. Sarr, 5141 S. 80th Street–Install deck - $15,000.00.

The City Council reviewed the following items under the consent agenda:

1.  Minutes from the April 18, 2018 regular city council meeting;
2.  Claims; and
3.  Department Head and/or Commission Reports.

Motion to approve Consent Agenda and addition to claims minus Maria’s claim by Fideline, seconded by Alberhasky.  On roll call vote, the following votes were recorded on the electronic voting board. Aye:  Konwinski, Fideline, Alberhasky, and Sanchez.  Nay:  None.  Absent:  Krause and Preis.  Motion carried.  Motion to approve Maria’s claim by Fideline, seconded by Alberhasky.  On roll call vote, the following votes were recorded on the electronic voting board. Aye:  Konwinski, Fideline, and Alberhasky.  Abstaining:  Sanchez.  Nay:  None.  Absent:  Krause and Preis.  Motion carried

Forrest reported staff met with Integrated Solutions and they reported on the upgrades since the City Council approved $58,000 to make the upgrades.  There are five new servers, including two new camera servers, as well as two new backup dattos.  There was also an old exchange server for emails and now the emails are being sent to the cloud through Office 365.  The City is in a lot better place than at the beginning of the year and Forrest thanked the council for funding that expenditure.

Klinker reported he will be increasing his hourly rate.  As of June 1, 2018, he will start billing the City $165.00 an hour and will increase to $175.00 an hour at the beginning of next year.  Groesser expressed appreciation to Klinker for all the work he has done for the City.  Klinker introduced his co-worker, Don Fisnick, who will begin doing legal work for the City as well.

Leonardo reported on the prescription take back at Walgreens that was held last week.  There was 455 pounds of unwanted drugs collected.  Leonardo commented on the MADD Hero Award for DUI enforcement and indicated that he nominated one of Ralston’s officers and that officer will be awarded that MADD Hero Award sometime in May.  Leonardo reported the traffic study on Park Lane that he has been trying to get done for the last four to five months was completed today.

Canfield reported research shows that 80% of all people are accessing the internet on their phones; however, the Library has people dropping in all the time to use the computers to print information.

Benis reported on the upcoming arena events, Little River Band on Saturday. Next week will be Modest Mouse on Wednesday, Zamora on Thursday, Hairball on Friday, Roller Girls on Saturday, as well as the Ralston High School Graduation. Ralston Arena also will be hosting the National Golden Gloves, 126 boxers in all different weight classes. On June 20th, the Golden Boy series will debut at the arena.  Benis reported there is a new Box Office Manager who comes to the arena from the Lincoln Stars. Also a new Technical Services Director who comes to the arena from Midwest Sounds and Lights.

Groesser opened the Complete Streets presentation by Michael Helgerson, Metropolitan Area Planning Agency.  Helgerson indicated that Complete Streets are streets designed and operated to enable safe access for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities.  Complete Streets are specific to each street, everyday projects, achievable within existing budgets and necessary.  Around the country there are over a thousand policies and there are four cities in Nebraska that have Complete Streets policies, Bellevue, Hastings, Lincoln and Omaha.  Iowa has 33 communities with policies and Kansas has 12 communities. 

Helgerson spoke about safety, community health and public health as a result of Complete Streets.  Because of Complete Streets, collisions decreased.  About 70 percent of projects saw a reduction in the number of collisions after the Complete Streets improvements.  Of those 70 percent, many saw declines that were significant.  The 30th Street roadway reconfiguration reduces rear-end and right-angle crashes and provides extra space on the roadway dedicated to bike lanes.

In response to a region-wide survey of what would create the biggest impact on health in our region, 46 percent of respondents said places within walking distance.  The City of Ralston is ideally located within the regional trail network.  Helgerson commented on the changes in walking and cycling to school between 1969 and 2001.  Complete Streets offers a way to build a family friendly community and walkable communities have become important. As people age, walking becomes a very important piece of their lives. If Ralston’s growth is taken into consideration, the transportation context is very important in development. 

Complete Streets can be achieved within existing budgets, leverages investments, can be done on an incremental basis and opens doors to additional funding opportunities. 

Forrest inquired how the Complete Streets concept is incorporated into a redevelopment area.  Helgerson said the first step is to look at what the anticipated traffic would be.  A lot of what the decisions look like go back to the built environment.  Another big piece is taking a step back and see how Ralston can connect to the opportunities.  Forrest said that there is a low-cost opportunity at Q Street at Country Club Road.  There is no sidewalk in that area and it wouldn’t cost very much to try to put some sidewalks in.  Sanchez inquired how Ralston gets a developer to utilize the resources that MAPA has and Forrest indicated that the City is going to embark on a planning and design exercise regarding the Hinge Project and this is the concept that should be informed in the planning process.  Groesser said that Ralston does connect to the Keystone Trail.

Groesser opened discussion on an encroachment license for a sign at Messiah Lutheran Church, 5015 S. 80th Street.  Pastor Greg Berger, Messiah Lutheran Church, clarified that the biggest reason the church is asking for the encroachment license is because the way their property lays, there are not many options for the sign to be safely read by motorists so they would like to keep the sign where it is.  There are other issues such as parking; however, primarily they are looking at their entire property and determining that there are no other options for relocating the sign.

Klinker indicated the church is asking to be placed on the next agenda for council to consider an encroachment license.  In this case, it gives the City the opportunity to make sure everything is spelled out in the license.  There was a meeting at the church last week to discuss the sign location. Seeing exactly what the possibilities were of moving the sign eliminated the problem that the Board of Adjustment had because the sign is entirely outside of the property line and where the sign is currently located makes a lot of sense.  Konwinski commented that the sign has been in that location forever.  Fideline doesn’t have a problem with the sign in the current location because the church is not changing the structure of the sign.  Klinker will draft an encroachment license for consideration at the next council meeting. Berger said the sign will be a mono-colored digital sign and the church will hold a meeting inviting all the neighbors to show them what the sign will look like. 

Groesser opened discussion on the amendments to the City of Ralston Civilian Retirement Plan.  Forrest indicated that the City Council approved the Civilian Retirement defined contribution plan for employees hired after July 1, 2017.  At that time there was discussion to change the plan to more closely reflect the Police Plan.  The current Civilian Retirement Plan provides for a ten year vesting schedule and no vesting until the sixth year of service.  The Police Plan provides for a seven year vesting schedule and 40% vesting upon completion of two years of service.  Staff is suggesting council consider changing the Civilian Retirement Plan to a seven year vesting schedule with 40% vesting upon completion of two years of service.  Also, instead of 3% City contribution, change to a 6% City contribution.  There is a draft resolution reflecting the changes and will be put on the agenda for the next council meeting.

Groesser opened consideration of a contract with Appetize for a point of sale system at the Ralston Arena.  Forrest commented that the current point of sale system at the arena is a marriage of two separate companies for the inventory system and point of sale system and the City has never been able to get them to work together.  On April 9, 2018, the City was informed that effective July 1st the arena would not be able to accept credit cards on their current system unless there were significant upgrades done.  Staff interviewed four firms, including the current arena firm, and recommends to enter into a lease agreement with a new vendor, Appetize.

Benis commented on the current point of sale system and the issues the arena staff currently face.  It is a very challenging issue right now.  There have been software and hardware problems, and the response time is poor and the report capability is unsatisfactory.  Sanchez summarized the issues with the current system with the first issue being the system needs to become PCI compliant.  The second issue being there are software and hardware problems with the existing system that are getting in the way of profitability.  The third issue would be service with HMS (Micros) as to how responsive they have been with regard to issues in real time.  And, lastly, from a reporting standpoint, there are issues with current ability to either make reports or obtain reports from the current system.

Bohling distributed a breakdown of three year pricing between the current firm, Micros, and Appetize.   Alberhasky commented on the monthly cost for Appetize and Bohling said the monthly cost represents the three year cost as a monthly lease.  Bohling explained the upfront costs and commented on the training offered.  Some efficiencies would be saving staff time, training and data and reports.  Bohling indicated the system is built where each point of sale drawer will be able to run itself either with the back side system or not. 

Discussion was held on other vendors.  Forrest indicated interviews and demonstrations were done with other vendors and staff feels very strongly that going in a different direction with Appetize is good for the arena.  Sanchez said that when choosing a point of sale system is it important to remember that it is very industry specific.  Micros is geared more towards bars and restaurants than large scale entertainment venues.   Sanchez inquired which vendors the regional venues are utilizing and Benis indicated that Viking Stadium and a place in Wichita are utilizing Appetize.  They are also in 10 NFL stadiums, 16 MLB stadiums and Live Nation.

Shantel Kaufman, Arena Food & Beverage Director, commented on the vendors in other venues and bids received from vendors.  She said that the other vendors’ systems were similar to what is currently in the arena where there are multiple systems. Sanchez commented that it is critical that everything is integrated.

Sanchez said that it is fairly common on a five to 10 year basis to reevaluate a point of sale system within the hospitality industry.  Whether there are problems or not, it is a good practice to reevaluate the system every five to 10 years.

Kaufman informed council members that she has worked with many systems for the past 15 years and has never encountered the issues the arena has faced.  She commented on issues with training, reports, service going down.  Sanchez indicated his restaurant currently has Micros and they are going to be going away from that system as well.

Discussion was held on Appetize’s references and training and their service component.  Benis indicated the support package is included in the cost.  Forrest said that the Appetize system appears to be so intuitive that there will not be problems that are occurring currently and Benis agreed.

There being no further discussion, Konwinski moved and Alberhasky seconded to authorize City staff to enter into a contract with Appetize for a point of sale system at the Ralston Arena.  On roll call vote, the following votes were recorded on the electronic voting board. Aye:  Konwinski, Fideline, Alberhasky, and Sanchez.  Nay:  None.  Absent:  Krause and Preis.  Motion carried. 

Groesser opened the public hearing at 6:29 PM for consideration of an SDL for Ralston Area Chamber of Commerce for a ribfest on June 9, 2018.  Amy Roeder, Ralston Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, said the chamber is partnering with Restore Chiropractic for their 4th annual ribfest which is also a fundraiser for Teammates.

There being no further comment, Groesser closed the public hearing at 6:30 PM.  Sanchez moved and Fideline seconded to approve the SDL for Ralston Area Chamber of Commerce for ribfest on June 9, 2018.  On roll call vote, the following votes were recorded on the electronic voting board. Aye:  Konwinski, Fideline, Alberhasky, and Sanchez.  Nay:  None.  Absent:  Krause and Preis.  Motion carried. 

Groesser opened consideration of the Social Media Policy.  There being no discussion, Konwinski moved and Fideline seconded to approve the Social Media Policy.  On roll call vote, the following votes were recorded on the electronic voting board. Aye:  Konwinski, Fideline, Alberhasky, and Sanchez.  Nay:  None.  Absent:  Krause and Preis.  Motion carried. 

Groesser opened consideration of the Ralston Arena Pavement Study proposal from Schemmer Associates.  Forrest indicated this was discussed at the last council meeting and is now an action item.  Konwinski moved and Fideline seconded to approve the Ralston Arena Pavement Study proposal from Schemmer Associates.  On roll call vote, the following votes were recorded on the electronic voting board. Aye:  Konwinski, Fideline, Alberhasky, and Sanchez.  Nay: None.  Absent:  Krause and Preis.  Motion carried. 

Groesser opened consideration of continued engagement with Fraser Stryker PC LLO.  The City solicited proposals from employment and labor law firms.  Eleven proposals were received and Klinker and Van Sant reviewed the proposals and reduced the number down to four firms.  Fraser Stryker’s fees in their proposal were less than the other firms’ fees.  Fraser Stryker is currently performing the employment and labor law services and the City should continue engagement with them.

Sanchez inquired if this is satisfactory to Alberhasky. Alberhasky commented he is not apt to reward after a lawsuit and an expert not testifying on the City’s behalf.  He said it seems to him that Fraser Stryker dropped the ball and the City got charged for the lawsuit.  Sanchez said that is completely independent of personnel work and commented on a witness who a law firm really has no control over.

Groesser said that Fraser Stryker have been the City’s personnel attorneys for a number of years and they have done an excellent job for the City.  Sanchez said that when weighing out options, there are criteria to use and it sounds like the committee boiled it down to competency and cost.  Alberhasky commented on ending up with Fraser Stryker over the years and that the council never voted on them. 

Sanchez said if the committee that was tasked to find an attorney to do employment law for the City makes a recommendation that the City continue with Fraser Stryker he moved to approve the continued engagement with Fraser Stryker PC LLO for personnel matters.  Seconded by Konwinski.  On roll call vote, the following votes were recorded on the electronic voting board. Aye:  Konwinski, Fideline, and Sanchez.  Nay: Alberhasky.  Absent:  Krause and Preis.  Motion carried. 

Public comment:  Amy Roeder, Ralston Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, said 614 people attended the wine walk and there were 27 businesses participating.  She thanked the Police Department, Public Works Department and everyone at the City that helped. Groesser thanked Roeder for all of her work.

Council comment:  Groesser expressed his appreciation to everyone in attendance at the meeting.  

There being no further business to come before the Council, the meeting was adjourned at 6:40 PM.

Next regular meeting Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 5:30 PM.

/s/Rosemarie D. Russell                              /s/Donald A. Groesser
City Clerk                                                       Mayor

CLAIMS  - 05-01-2018 -AAA Rents, 226.55, Rental; ABM Onsite Services, 16,968.73, Janitorial; Aflac, 773.76, Insurance; Airgas USA, LLC, 470.57, Supplies; Ameripride Services, Inc., 88.04, Building Maint/Rugs; Anderson Auto Group, 59,471.00, Pickups; Asphalt & Concrete Materials, 351.15, Hot Mix; Axon Enterprise, Inc., 61.00, Equipment; Baxter Auto, 1,978.16 Repairs; Benefit Plans, Inc., 312.50, Consultant Svcs; Black Hills Energy, 3,666.74, Gas; Blue Cross & Blue Shield of NE, 64,644.12, Health Ins.; BMI Janitorial, 8,920.00, Janitorial; Bohling, Timothy, 118.22, Reimbursement; Bratetic, Chris, 748.70, Refund Sewer Charges; Brodart Co., 39.42, Supplies; Canfield, Francine A., 136.80, Reimbursement; Capital One Commercial, 570.49, Supplies; Carpenter Paper Co., 517.56, Janitorial Supplies; Center Point Large Print, 89.28, Books; Century Certified Services, 125.50, Pest Management/Control; Chick Fil A, 1,242.70, Sales Commissions; City of Ralston-General Fund, 20.00, Reimburse Petty Cash; Command Center, 870.81, Contract Labor; Cox Business Services, 567.03, Cable; Cutchall Management, 5,624.55, Sales Commissions; Dearborn National, 137.60, Fire Dept Life Insurance; Demco, 272.58, Supplies; Donut Express, 715.53, Sales Commissions; DXP Enterprises, Inc., 1.30 Supplies; Eakes Office Solutions, 320.54, Supplies; Emergency Medical Products, Inc., 59.03, Supplies; Engineered Controls, 480.00, Support; Enviro-Master Services, 30.00, Janitorial; Factory Motor Parts Co., 122.54, Supplies; Falcon, 33,437.00, 4-Ton Transporter; Fireguard, Inc., 939.50, Svcs; Fleek, Brianna, 100.00, Cleaning; Focus, 1,500.00, Svcs; Fraser Stryker, PC, LLO, 3,974.46, Professional Svcs; Fraternal Order of Police, 600.00, FOP Dues; Gale/Cengage Learning, 61.58, Books; Grainger, 364.60, Supplies; Great Western Bank-Pension, 24,568.37, Pension; Great Western Bank Wealth Management, 9,908.62, Pension; Great Western Bank-VISA, 4,620.25, Supplies/Svcs; Halbur, Bailey, 147.15, Reimbursement; Helget Gas Products, 340.12, Supplies; Holiday Inn Express Ralston, 467.96, Svcs; Hometown Leasing, 140.00, Leasing; Humana Insurance Co., 2,570.85, Insurance; Hy-Vee Accounts Receivable, 193.77, Supplies; Integrated Solutions, 37,899.54, Computer Support/Supplies; KCL Group Benefits, 1,155.78, Group Life Insurance; Klinker, Mark, 1,000.00, Retainer; Logan Contractors Supply, Inc., 854.60, Electric Supplies; Lueders Lock & Key, Inc., 300.00, Supplies; M & M Staffing, 4,644.75, Contract Labor; Magill, Mark, 198.69, Reimbursement; Maria’s Enterprises, 10,906.07, Sales Commissions; Maui Wowie, 1,106.45, Sales Commissions; Menards-Ralston, 305.02, Supplies; Michael Todd & Co., Inc., 111.13, Tools; Micro Marketing LLC, 46.16, Materials; MUD-Utilities, 1,709.36, Utilities; Nebraska Iowa Supply Co., Inc., 1,200.06, Fuel; Nebraska Law Enforcement Training, 100.00, Tuition; NMC Exchange LLC, 1,685.83, Rental; O’Keefe Elevator Company, 202.50 Elevator Maint; Omaha Compound Company, 30.16, Supplies; Omaha Public Power District, 40,622.62, Utilities; O’Malley, Margaret, 418.00, Janitorial; OS Sales Co., Inc., 574.08, Food; P & A Management, 750.00, Svcs; Papillion Sanitation, 27,260.26, Trash Collection; Papio-Missouri River NRD, 2,500.00, Annual Contribution; Pepsi-Cola, 351.89, Soda; Prairie Life Fitness, 510.39, Fitness Reimbursement; Protective Security Advisors, 5,647.50, Security; Ralston Area Chamber of Commerce, 75.00, Luncheon; Ralston Arena Operating Acct, 65,441.43, Craft Fair/Sales Tax; Ralston Fire Dept., Inc., 2,171.00, EMS Provider; Ralston Insurance Agency, 37,005.00, Insurance; Ralston Volunteer Fire Dept., 15,330.25; Recorded Books, 432.13, Books; RedITech, 10,873.35, Computer Supplies; Reinhart Foodservice, LLC, 1,675.66, Food; Rotella’s Italian Bakery, 233.40, Food; Roto-Rooter Services, Co., 2,378.95, Svcs; RYBA Construction, Inc., 1,027.50, Salt; Sarpy County, 1,408.59, Animal Control; Sentrixx Security Solutions, 412.50, Server; Shell, 93.27, Fuel; Sno Floss, 913.46, Sales Commissions; Solution One-NE, 408.12, Copier; Solution One-TX, 491.72, Copier; Spin Linen Management, 289.05, Linens; Talx UC Express, 144.70, Unemployment Tax; Thacker Electric, 10.00, Repairs; TNT Cleaning, 500.00, Cleaning Svcs; The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 50.00, Conference; Trans Union Risk & Alternative, 34.90, Svcs; Trede Electric & Lighting, Inc., 3,976.34; Labor/Materials; U.S. Foods, Inc., 2,631.03, Food; Voss Lighting, 87.60, Lighting; Voya Institutional Trust Company, 2,850.00, Pension; Waldinger Corporation, 1,574.85, Svcs; Watch Guard Video, 750.00, Svcs; West Omaha Winsupply, 72.48, Repairs; Westlake Ace Hardware, 17.09, Supplies.



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