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City Council Minutes

The Ralston City Council meets the first and third Tuesday of the month.  The minutes of the meeting are posted below.

    City of Ralston

                "The Heart of the Metro" 
                                Ralston, Nebraska

Condensed Minutes

​Tuesday, February 21, 2017

​The Ralston City Council met in a regular session on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 5:30 PM at Ralston City Hall. Roll was called with the following present: Konwinski, Fideline, Alberhasky, Krause, Preis and Mayor Groesser. Sanchez absent. The agenda for this meeting was available at City Hall for public inspection and posted prior to the meeting. The legal notice for the meeting was published in the Ralston Recorder. Claims listed are approved and part of these minutes. 

Pastor Greg Berger, Messiah Lutheran Church, gave the Invocation.

Mayor Groesser said the meeting is subject to the Nebraska Open meeting Act and a copy of the Act is posted at the rear of Chamber. Groesser welcomed guests and press.  

Motion to approve the Consent agenda by Alberhasky, seconded by Fideline. Konwinski abstains, rest of the Council votes yes, motion carried. 

Costanzo said there have been more big Keno winners. Canfield said the Library monthly report is included in the Consent Agenda. Benis spoke to recent and upcoming events. 

     1.    Consideration of PO #2017-3 Elgin Pelican Street Sweeper.

Freshman said this expenditure is included in the budget and payments would be spread out over 6 years. Motion to approve by Konwinski, seconded by Fideline, all vote yes, motion carried.

     2.    Consideration of FTA Fiscal Year 2017 Certifications and Assurances.

Freshman introduced Court Barber, Assistant Planner with MAPA. Barber said other municipalities are using the same form and not all items will apply if the City has not applied for funds. Freshman said at the minimum Sections 1 through 6, 10 and 15. Motion to approve listed sections by Krause, seconded by Konwinski, all vote yes, motion carried. 

Fideline said former Bellevue City Councilperson John Stacey Sr. passed away, services on Friday, February 24th and the RVFD Honor Guard will attend. Alberhasky spoke to the 84th St. Viaduct replacement and the financial responsibility. Freshman said he would ask a representative from the railroad to come speak to Council. Klinker said there is a statute that addresses the issue. 

There being nothing further of a general nature to come before the Council, the Meeting was adjourned at 5:51 PM.

Next regular Meeting Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 5:30 PM                                                                        

Donald A. Groesser

Dolores L. Costanzo
City Clerk / Treasurer

​Claims paid: AAA-Rental-$1,831.40; Accurate-Backflow Test-$80.00; Agrivision-Parts-$182.53; Legion-Rent-$300.00; American Lift-Service-$1,821.88; Ameripride-Rugs-$84.31; B Anderson-Maintenance-$25.09; Asphalt/Concrete Materials-Cold Mix-$125.75; BHE-Utilities-$630.39; BMI-Janitorial-$6,610.00; Calibre-Seminar-$357.00; Carbonhouse-Website-$500.00; Carpenter-Supplies-$1,179.71; Caselle-Support-$1,151.00; Center Point-Books-$86.88; Century-Pest Control-$68.00; ChickFilA-Commission-$894.10; Chief Bus-Shuttle-$1,401.25; CSS-Security-$488.40; Cornhusker Truck-Part-$89.60; Cornhusker Industries-Mats-$355.00; C Cortas-Security-$240.00; D Costanzo-Education-$348.87; Cox-Service-$3,297.73; Cutchall-Commission-$4,580.87; Dolphens-Sign-$1,468.18; DonutExp-Commission-$905.96; Echo-Parts-$126.94; EnviroMaster-Janitorial-78.00; Experian-Report-$27.72; B Fleek-Janitorial-$150.00; J Fraley-Security-$240.00; Frazer Stryker-Service-$2,284.90; Giegle-Education-$151.98; Grainger-Parts-$494.27; Great Western Visa-Supplies-$2,889.62; D Groesser-Reimburse-$806.60; Helget-CO2-$271.83; Hospitality Management-Service-$124.58; Infinet-Support-$3,129.55; ING-Insurance-$675.00; Ingram-Books-$3,295.31; JP Cooke-Stamp-$34.75; Jones-Parts-$49.50; M Klinker-Service-$1,175.00; Kriha-Parts-$328.33; LaRue-Supplies-$310.73; M&M-Labor-$990.00; R Mahoney-Security-$240.00; Maria’s-Commission-$7,147.17; Menards-Supplies-$57.15; Metro-Service-$549.00; Microfilm-Scan-$116.48; MidAmerican-Cobra-$76.50; Midwest-Supplies-$420.00; NEW-Equipment-$165.00; NLC-Membership-$1,117.00; NEP-Part-$39.08; NE-IA-Fuel-$2,359.04; Newman-Sign-$2,642.85; NMC-Equipment-$1,089.92; OCLC-Subscription-$327.56; Omaha Compound-Supplies-$358.18; ODPBC-Parking-$16.25; OWH-Ads-$1,131.83; M O’Malley-Janitorial-$416.00; One Call-Locate-$36.72; OTC-Supplies-$63.41; OS-Supplies-$798.31; J Palermo-Security-$240.00; Bartels-Salt-$8,083.09; Pepsi-Supplies-$1,545.69; Quill-Supplies-$259.27; RACC-Luncheon-$75.00; RASS-Security-$2,936.50; RPD-fuel-$150.96; Recorded Books-Books-$905.19; Regal-Posters-$425.00; Rotella’s-Supplies-$60.32; Ryba-Plowing-$2,175.00; Sam’s-Reimburse-$315.00; Schemmer-Service-$726.83; Sentrixx-Security-$92.00; Servicemaster-Janitorial-$465.00; Shell-Fuel-$117.68; N Sidzyik-Security-$240.00; SnoFloss-Commissions-$1,143.17; Spin-Linen-$289.85; StagePay-Service-$1,816.14; Staples-Supplies-$93.24; TNT-Janitorial-$500.00; Knot-Ads-$244.48; Reader-Ads-$387.00; TransUnion-Report-$31.00; US foods-Supplies-$13,955.10; Unique-Placemats-$35.80; Verizon-Service-$1,873.21; Voss-Lighting-$68.02; Waldinger-Maintenance-$3,083.50; Water Engineering-Service-$175.00; Worldwide-Tickets-$1,492.84.