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Condensed Minutes

​Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Ralston City Council met in a regular session on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 5:30 PM at Ralston City Hall. Roll was called with the following present: Konwinski, Fideline, Alberhasky, Krause, Sanchez, Preis and Mayor Groesser.  The agenda for this meeting was available at City Hall for public inspection and posted prior to the meeting. The legal notice for the meeting was published in the Ralston Recorder. Claims listed are approved and part of these minutes. 

Krause gave the Invocation. Mayor Groesser said the meeting is subject to the Nebraska Open meeting Act and a copy of the Act is posted at the rear of Chamber. Groesser welcomed guests and press.  

Motion to approve Consent Agenda, minus Maria’s claim, by Konwinski, seconded by Fideline, all vote yes, motion carried. Motion to approve Maria’s claim by Konwinski, seconded by Fideline, Sanchez abstains, remainder Council votes yes, motion carried. 

Klinker spoke to property tax issue. Alberhasky said he noticed trash between two buildings. Costanzo spoke to lottery income. Canfield spoke to events at the Library. Benis spoke to recent and upcoming events at the Arena and the end of the Lancer season. 

     1.    Arbor Day Proclamation. Groesser read Arbor Day Proclamation. Groesser said the Park’s Department goal is 100 different kinds of trees in Oak Park. 
     2.    National Library Week Proclamation. Groesser introduced Library Board and read Proclamation.
     3.    Public Hearing for Consideration of Special Use Permit for JATO, LLC on Legal Description: INTERURBAN ACRES REVISED LOT 14 for an 82’ X 60’ Steel Building.

Groesser opened Public Hearing. Dan Dolezal, Ehrhart Griffin, spoke to the plans for Jernigan’s steel building. Dolezal said the building will have siding and a brick veneer with slab foundation. Dolezal spoke to increasing the size of the retention pond. Alberhasky asked why they don’t just build a regular home. Dolezal said the Morton building was an affordable, personal choice. Klinker asked about the grading of the lot. Konwinski spoke to the location of the existing retention pond. Alberhasky asked about the cost of building the home. Rich Onken, Planning Commission Chair, said the Planning Commission approved the Special Use Permit and the lot has been rezoned to allow the residence. Klinker read Zoning Ordinance Table 12-1 regarding Site Plan Review Procedure for Council. Alberhasky asked if other property owners in the area were free to rezone and build. Klinker said this action would not set a precedent and that the same procedure would have to be followed by application to the City, review by the Planning Commission and approved by Council. Groesser closed Public Hearing. Motion by Sanchez to approve Special Use Permit for JATO, LLC on Interurban Acres Revised Lot 14, seconded by Krause. Konwinski, Krause, Sanchez and Preis vote yes, Fideline and Alberhasky vote no, motion carried. Dolezal said that Jernigan paid twice for the Special Use Permit and asked that one fee be returned. Klinker agreed and the second check will be returned to Ms. Jernigan.

Fideline thanked the RPD for the yearend report. Alberhasky thanked the Library. 

There being nothing further of a general nature to come before the Council, the Meeting was adjourned at 6:15 PM.

Next regular Meeting Tuesday, April 20, 2017 at 5:30 PM



Donald A Groesser

Dolores L. Costanzo
City Clerk / Treasurer

Claims Paid: AAA-Rental-$1,258.11; Airgas-Supplies-$179.47; AmClassified-Ads-$295.00; Ameripride-Rugs-$84.31; BKD-Services-$12,500.00; BHE-Utilities-$3,274.53; BMI-Janitorial-$7,328.75; F Canfield-Reimburse-$55.64; Carpenter-Supplies-$919.60; Century-Pest Control-$165.50; ChickFilA-Commission-$654.65; CoffeeCarts-Commission-$2,090.79; Command-Labor-$63.70; CSI-Rental-$355.00; D Costanzo-Reimburse-284.11; Cox-Service-$555.45; Cutchall-Commission-$3,922.39; Dearborn-Insurance-$99.76; NCOA-Dues-235.00; DonutExp-Commissions-$957.30; DCT-Election-$1,104.69; Eakes-Supplies-$1,086.18; EnviroMaster-Janitorial-$60.00; Findaway-A/V-$199.98; B Fleek-Janitorial-$100.00; Forklifts-Maintenance=-$287.50; Fraser Stryker-Service-$5,011.62; FOP-Dues-$650.00; Gale-Books-$183.54; GW Visa-Supplies/Expenses-$8,982.26; D Groesser-Reimburse-$1,649.51; HDR-APWA-$100.00; Helget-CO2-$102.27; Hospitality-Service-$124.58; Humana-Insurance-$2,387.41; HyVee-Supplies-$67.84; Infinet-Support-$1,619.43; ING-Insurance-$575.00; Integrated-Smartnet-$39.00; Interstate-Batteries-$69.60; JQ-Copier-$333.00; M Klinker-Service-$1,000.00; LaRue-Coffee-$206.81; LONM-Directories-$117.50; M Leonardo-Reimburse-$46.53; Loveland Grass-Edging-$72.45; M&M-Staffing-$885.00; J Mahoney-Conference-$276.40; Maria’s-Commission-$7,185.90; Menards-Supplies-$74.99; MidAmerican-Admin-$126.00; Midwest-Supplies-$444.45; MUD-Utilities-$1,930.86; National-Service-$150.00; NE-IA-Fuel-$1,024.04; O’Keefe-Elevator-$320.82; OmCompound-Supplies-$682.72; OPPD-Utilities-$23,109.35; Winnelson-Maintenance-$37.60; OWH-Subscription-$98.80; Omaha-Sewer-$54,522.25; M O’Malley-Janitorial-418.00; OS-Supplies-$646.97; Papillion Sanitation-Trash Collection-$26,679.84; Pepsi-Supplies-$2,864.51; Petty Cash-Reimburse-$66.20; Prairie Life-Fitness-$393.71; Purchase-Postage-$150.00; Quill-Supplies-$385.61; RASS-Security-$2,928.00; RVFD-Contract-$45,990.75; Recorded-Books-$1,110.04; Rotella’s-Supplies-$278.08; Sapp-Supplies-$273.75; Sarpy-Animal Control-$1,408.59; Sentrixx-Software-$816.00; SignIt-Sign-$25.00; SnoFloss-Commission-$1,078.61; Solution OneMO-Copier-$223.24; Solution OneTX-Copier-$30.00; Spin-Linen-$311.68; Staples-Supplies-$181.70; Tractor Supply-Supplies-$9.87; US Foods-Supplies-$23,765.21; Walmart-Supplies-$282.13; Zep-Maintenance-$365.38. 

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City Council Minutes

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