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May 16, 2017                                                                                                   Condensed

The Ralston City Council met in a regular session on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 5:30 PM at Ralston City Hall. Roll was called with the following present: Konwinski, Fideline, Krause, Sanchez, Preis and Mayor Groesser. Alberhasky absent. The agenda for this meeting was available at City Hall for public inspection and posted prior to the meeting. The legal notice for the meeting was published in the Ralston Recorder. Claims listed are approved and part of these minutes. 

Pastor Ryan Brons, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, gave the Invocation.

Mayor Groesser said the meeting is subject to the Nebraska Open meeting Act and a copy of the Act is posted at the rear of Chamber. Groesser welcomed guests and press.  

Motion to approve Consent Agenda, minus Maria’s claim by Konwinski, seconded by Fideline, all vote yes, motion carries. Motion to approve Maria’s claim by Konwinski, seconded by Fideline, Sanchez abstains, rest of Council votes yes, motion carries. 

Public Works Director Freshman said the 84th Street Viaduct project begins Monday, May 22, 2017. Konwinski said there is a City lot that needs to be mowed. Benis spoke to recent and future events, RHS graduation Sunday, May 21, 2017.

1. Consideration of Interim Police Chief Marc Leonardo to Chief of Police.

Motion to approve Marc Leonardo as Chief of Police by Krause, seconded by Konwinski, all vote yes, motion carries. 

2. Swearing in Chief of Police Marc Leonardo.

Groesser administered the Oath of Office to Chief Leonardo. Chief spoke to growing up in Ralston and thanked numerous members of the community. Groesser recognized the Civil Service Commission. 

3. EMS Week Proclamation.

Groesser read the Proclamation for Emergency Medical Services Week and thanked the RVFD for their service.  Kim Eischeid, Rescue Chief, spoke to the activities planned for EMS Week. 

4. Public Hearing for Consideration of SDL for Restore Chiropractic Rib Fest on June 10, 2017.

Groesser opened Public Hearing. Motion to approve by Krause, seconded by Konwinski. Bethany Cannon with Restore said this the third time they have teamed with St. Gerald’s Men’s Club for this event to raise money for the St. Gerald’s Athletic Club. Cannon said Molly’s Pub will be covering the liquor license. Chief Leonardo asked about security and if any officers present. Cannon said the area will be fenced with one entrance, Molly’s employees will check IDs and the Men’s Club will act as security. Groesser closed Public Hearing and called for a vote, all vote yes, motion carries. 

5. Public Hearing for Consideration of SDL for Hatt Boys Inc. dba Village Bar on June 3, 2017. 

Groesser opened Public Hearing. Brock Hatterman, Village Bar said the event has been the Holy Ghost Poker Run for 5 years and now it will be a summer kick-off party. Chief Leonardo asked about security. Hatterman said he has 4 people and will be asking RPD for 3 officers. Groesser closed Public Hearing.  Motion to approve by Krause, seconded by Preis, all vote yes, motion carries. 

6. Public Hearing for Consideration of SDL for DE Anderson DBA Scorz Sports for July 3, 2017. 

Groesser opened Public Hearing. Katie Anderson, 14105 O St, Omaha, for Scorz Sports Center said they would like to have a live band in rear parking lot. Chief Leonardo said the live band would be competing with other events and is concerned about the noise level going until 1 AM right next to a residential neighborhood. Krause spoke to the square dancing group being able to hear the caller. Groesser called for a motion.   Motion to approve, with any revisions, by Konwinski, seconded by Krause to open discussion. Konwinski confirmed that there would be a live band. Krause asked Klinker if the band has anything to do with approving the SDL. Klinker said that Council can approve the SDL with stipulations regarding the band. Anderson said they were waiting for the SDL approval before finalizing plans regarding entertainment and hours of operation of the beer garden. Krause said the live band will conflict with the square dancers. Sanchez asked if this request complies with the City’s noise ordinance. Klinker said a certain level of noise is expected. Dennis Tribbie, 6760 S 75th Ave, spoke to previous events and the noise level. Anderson said she could change dates or times if necessary. Amy Roeder, Chamber President, 7754 State St. said she would see about moving the square dancing group. Fideline said the band would be ok going until 11:00 PM. Sanchez asked if there were any noise mitigation options to explore. Klinker said Council could add stipulations to the approval. Motion to amend the motion on the floor by Sanchez to approve the SDL with the condition that the live music ends no later than 11:00 PM, second by Fideline,  all vote yes for amendment. All vote yes to approve original motion, motion carries. 


Groesser opened Public Hearing. Krause introduced Ordinance No. 1208. Krause said he hasn’t heard of anyone opposed. Dan Freshman, Public Works Director, spoke to vendor permits and the Clerk’s duties. Sanchez said there should be a copy of Omaha’s permit form. Costanzo spoke to amending the current vendor permit. Klinker said that would be acceptable. Groesser asked about sales tax. Klinker said that would be a separate Ordinance to come before Council. Groesser closed Public Hearing. Motion to approve by Krause, seconded by Konwinski, all vote yes, motion carried. 

8. Consideration of The Locker Lease Rescission. 

Krause said the City has come to a mutual agreement with current lease holder. Motion to rescind The Locker lease by Krause, seconded by Konwinski, all vote yes, motion carried.

Public Comments: Ashley Cap, 5307 Miller Ave, said she would like Council to revisit the Ordinance regarding farm animals as pets in order to allow ducks and chickens. Klinker said that the Council couldn’t comment or discuss Public Comments and advised Ms. Cap to submit a request to City Hall to add as an Agenda item for a future Council meeting. Rich Shively, 7505 Washington St. would support allowing ducks and chickens within city limits.  

Council Comment: Fideline, Sanchez and Preis congratulated Chief Leonardo. 

Consideration of Executive Session for the Protection of the Public Interest for the Purpose of Discussion of Strategy Regarding Pending Litigation and for the Purpose of Discussion of Personnel.

Krause said “For the protection of the public interest, I move that the Council go into closed session for the purpose of discussion of strategy regarding pending litigation and for the purpose of discussion of personnel. 

Groesser said it has been moved, seconded and passed that the Council go into closed session for the purpose of discussion of strategy regarding pending litigation and for the purpose of discussion of personnel.  The closed session is necessary for the protection of the public interest. Council moves into closed session at 6:22 PM. 

Groesser said “We are reconvened in open session. I confirm that no subject matter other than the pending litigation and personnel was discussed. No formal vote, informal vote, straw vote or poll was taken during the closed session.” 

There being nothing further of a general nature to come before the Council, the Meeting was adjourned at 7:21 PM.

Next regular Meeting June 6, 2017 at 5:30 PM.


Donald A Groesser

Dolores L. Costanzo
City Clerk / Treasurer

5-16-17 Claims Paid: AA Wheel-Parts-$141.80; AAA-Rental-$522.41; ABRefrigeration-Repair-$552.94; AFLAC-Insurance-$1,514.08; Legion-Rent-$300.00; American Lift-Service-$4,103.13; Ameripride-Rugs-$84.31; Asphalt-Hot Mix-$2,016.57; BilDen-Repair-$152.00; BKD-Service-$13,500.00; BMI-Janitorial-$3,000.00; Capstone-Books-$250.87; Carbonhouse-Website-$500.00; Carpenter-Supplies-$1,967.63; Caselle-Support-$1,076.00; Century-Pest Control-$129.00; ChickFilA-Commission-$409.16; Chief Bus-Shuttle-$2,072.50; Command-Labor-$195.39; CSS-Security-$1,190.00; Cornhusker-Part-$89.60; Cox-Service-$2,384.60; Cutchall-Commission-$4,716.26; Demco-Supplies-$321.79; Diamond-Laundry-$49.90; Draftex-Equipment-$30.00; Eakes-Supplies-$214.43; EnviroMaster-Janitorial-$374.00; ESRI-Contract-$400.00; Experian-$38.68; Factory Motor-Part-$96.49; 1st Wireless-Rental-$414.75; B Fleek-Janitorial-$50.00; Fraser Stryker-Services-$1,176.00; Gale-Books-$23.25; J Goeden-Reimburse-$19.37; Grainger-Maintenance-$240.33; D Groesser-NLC-$903.00; B Halbur-Expense-$79.18; Helget-CO2-$394.07; Hockenbergs-Equipment-$61.94; Infinet-Support-$4,815.55; ING-Comp-$575.00; Ingram-Books-$3,020.79; Integrated-Support-$1,200.00; Johnson-Maintenance-$277.80; M Klinker-Service-$3,075.00; Kriha-Parts-$171.35; LaRue-Coffee-$279.23; LaVista-Bus Share-$933.61; Loveless-Sharpening-$210.00; M&M-Labor-$120.00; Maria’s-Commission-$9,043.95; Martin-Asphalt-$175.00; Menards-Supplies-$99.36; Metro-Contract-$473.00; Micro-Books-$82.60; MidAmerican-Cobra-$73.50; Midlands-Lighting-$22.87; Midwest-Fence-$250.00; MHM-Ribbons-$82.85; MPL-License-$113.16; NEW-Service-$184.03; Neal’s-Cleaning-$1,300.00; NEP-Training-$180.00; NELA-Dues-$225.00; NEIA-Fuel-$843.15; OCLC-Subscription-$327.56; ODPBC-Parking-$20.25; OPPD-Utilities-$39,862.43; OSE-Stage Equipment-$12,665.74; Winnelson-Supplies-$79.64; OWH-Legals-$2,514.61; M O’Malley-Janitorial-$418.00; One Call-Locate-$51.75; OTC-Supplies-$44.99; OS-Supplies-$446.48; PJ Morgan-Consult-$5,850.00; Pepsi-Supplies-$5,414.63; PortAJohns-Rental-$140.00; Prairie Life-fitness-$310.25; QP-Supplies-$86.39; Quill-261.95; RASS-Security-$3,249.50; RIA-Insurance-$20,829.09; Recorder-Subscription-$36.00; Recorded-Books-$1,146.11; Rotella’s-Supplies-$242.20; Rourke-Books-$64.85; Scholastic-Books-$1,095.10; SEBCO-Books-$60.93; ServiceMaster-Janitorial-$465.00; Sign It-ID Tag-$14.00; SnoFloss-Commissions-$235.01; Spin-Linen-$398.50; Staples-Supplies-TNT-Janitorial-$500.00; $523.65; Swan-Supplies-$14.10;TalxUC-Service-$19.10; Child’s World-Books-$132.65; Reader-Ads-$387.00; Retoner-Supplies-$251.80; TMS-Rental-$201.00; 3 Rivers-Training-$10.00; Trede-Repair-$1,340.25; US Foods-Supplies-$4,278.68; Unique-Placemats-$53.70; United-Rental-$134.85; United-Electrical-$235.47; Verizon-Service-$1,688.30; Voss-Lighting-$22.68; Waldinger-Repair-$4,282.75; Water Engineer-Service-$350.00. 

Council Minutes-Archive

City Council Minutes

The Ralston City Council meets the first and third Tuesday of the month.  The minutes of the meeting are posted below.