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Jan. 2, 2019


Ralston City Council Regular Meeting
Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Ralston City Council met in regular session on Wednesday, January 2, 2019 at 5:30 PM at Ralston City Hall.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Roll was called with the following present: Mayor Groesser and Council members Konwinski, Kavanaugh, Krause, Sanchez, and Preis.  Council member Fideline was absent. The agenda was available at City Hall for public inspection and posted prior to the meeting.  The legal notice for the meeting was published in the Ralston Recorder.  Claims listed are approved and part of these minutes.

Pastor Jim Haack, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, gave the invocation.  Mayor Groesser welcomed the press and guests.  Groesser said the meeting is subject to the Nebraska Open Meetings Act and a copy of the Act is posted at the rear of the Council Chambers.

The City Council reviewed the following items under the consent agenda:

1.  Minutes from the December 18, 2018 regular city council meeting;
2.  Claims; and
3.  Department Head and/or Commission Reports.

Krause moved and Kavanaugh seconded to approve the Consent Agenda.  On roll call vote, the following votes were recorded on the electronic voting board. Aye:  Konwinski, Kavanaugh, Krause, Sanchez, and Preis.  Nay:  None.  Absent:  Fideline.  Motion carried.

Halbur extended an invitation to a poetry reading sponsored by the Library Foundation and the Nebraska Writer’s Group at the library on January 12, 2019 at 7:00 PM. 

Benis reported on arena events including the boys and girls basketball quarter finals, an AAU Wrestling Tournament this weekend, the Metro Wrestling Conference on January 11th and 12th and the Lancer’s game on January 13th.

Groesser opened discussion on the downtown Business Signage Grant Program.  The Planning Commission has been working on a new sign ordinance.  Forrest and the Planning Commission Chair, Rich Onken, met with the business community last month and, as a result of the meeting, there will be further changes presented to the Planning Commission.

At the meeting, discussion was held on the benefit of having some money available for business owners to erect new signs.  There is currently a Façade Improvement Loan Program but it doesn’t include signage.  Klinker is reviewing the program documentation and Forrest would like Council members to consider expanding the program to include signage.

Klinker commented on the TIF and the Legislative changes last session.  The language stated that any redevelopment project should not be used to establish a revolving loan fund.  By the strict letter of the law, a new loan program cannot be established. The City will probably have to rely on the Façade Improvement Loan Program as written.  Klinker will research this further.

Forrest said a loan is nice but a grant would be nicer and commented on it being a matching grant.  This could incentivize businesses to erect new signs that are more in line with the new standards.   Konwinski inquired about using CDBG funds and Klinker indicated that in utilizing CDBG funds, there is a requirement for job creation.  Groesser inquired about using some of the hinge money and developing it into a grant fund.  Forrest indicated that the hinge money requirements are for public purposes.

Discussion was held on the examples of façade improvements listed in the program documentation.  Forrest commented the documentation also indicates that improvements in the examples are not intended to be a fully inclusive list and other public façade improvements may be eligible.  Klinker said the way the Façade Improvement Loan Program is written there is probably room for signage and the City could most likely maintain a loan program.

There was no public comment.

Council comment:  Mayor Groesser and Council members wished everyone a Happy New Year.

There being no further business to come before the Council, the meeting was adjourned at 5:40 PM.

Next regular meeting Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 5:30 PM.

/s/Rosemarie D. Russell                             /s/Donald A. Groesser
City Clerk                                                       Mayor

CLAIMS -01-02-2019 – A & C Tree Service, 1,200.00, Tree Removal-Oak Park; AAA Rents, 1,452.50, Rental; AB Refrigeration, 1,900.06, Labor & Materials; AFLAC, 962.04, Insurance; All Flags Etc., 243.60, Flag; American Classifieds of Omaha, 400.00, Advertising; American United Life Insurance Company, 877.51, Life Insurance; Ameripride Services, Inc., 98.53, Building Maint/Rugs; ASCAP, 357.00, Music License; Audio Visions, 1,470.50, Equipment; Becker Arena Products, Inc., 1,771.91, OPS Supplies; BKD, LLP, 24,000.00, Professional Services; Black Hills Energy, 5,450.45, Gas Svcs; Blue Cross & Blue Shield of NE, 63,840.24, Health Insurance; BMI Janitorial Group, 7,710.00, Janitorial; Carpenter Paper Co., 1,530.74, Supplies; Center Point Large Print, 89.28, Books; Century Certified Services, 165.50, Pest Management/Control; City of Omaha Cashier, 57,079.35, Sewer Billing; Command Center, 2,040.81, Contract Labor; CompChoice, 50.00, Medical Testing; Concert Security Services, 1,014.00, Security; Cox Business Services, 568.59, Telephone; Demco, 188.90, Office Supplies; Eakes Office Solutions, 1,589.00, Supplies; Egan Supply Co., 503.65, Supplies; Eniro-Master Services, 108.00, Janitorial/Bldg. Maint; Fireguard, Inc., 1,362.03, System Inspection; First State Bank, 3,478.85, Loan Pymt; Fleek, Brianna, 100.00, Janitorial; Fraternal Order of Police, 645.00, FOP Dues; Gale/Cengage Learning, 24.00, Books; Gloria Kemery, 50.00, Svcs; Great Western Bank-Pension, 27,348.32, Pension; Great Western Bank-Visa, 4,249.42, Office Expenses/Supplies; Helget Gas Products, 332.23, Cylinder Rental/Gas; Hometown Leasing, 273.47, Leasing; Hood Masters, Inc., 853.00, Hood Cleaning; Humana Insurance Co., 2,612.85, Insurance; Humanities Nebraska, 50.00, Services; HyVee Accounts Receivable, 746.22, Supplies; Integrated Solutions, 1,075.00, Computer Equipment/Support; John E. Reid & Associates, 575.00, Training; Klabunde’s Delivery, Inc., 25.00, Delivery Service; Klinker, Mark, 1,000.00, Monthly Retainer; Loveless Machine & Grinding, 165.00, Svcs; M & M Staffing, 264.00, Contract Labor; Marshall, Laurel, 79.20, Reimbursement; Martin Asphalt, 203.50, Supplies; Menards-Ralston, 2,170.69, Supplies; Michael Todd & Co, Inc., 6,310.63, Supplies; Midwest Sound & Lighting, Inc., 736.50, Equipment Rental; MUD-Utilities, 2,613.05, Utilities; Muzzy Ice Service, 130.00, Ice; Myron Corp., 80.61, Calendars; Natl Assoc of Chiefs of Police, 60.00, Membership Dues; Nebraska Iowa Supply Co., Inc., 717.87, Fuel; Nebraska Salt & Grain Co., 1,721.88, Ice Control Salt; Nebraska State Library, 66.70, 2017 Supplement & Index; Nebraska-Iowa Ind Fasteners, 12.06, Shop Supplies; New Vision Window Cleaning, 550.00, Window Cleaning; NMC Exchange LLC, 4,146.78, Rental; NSAE, 40.00, Dues; OCB Plumbing, 249.00, Repair; O’Keefe Elevator Company, Inc., 496.95, Elevator Maintenance; Omaha Dispatch, 1,500.00, Advertising; Omaha Public Power District, 24,085.06, Utilities; O’Malley, Margaret, 753.50, Janitorial; OSW Sales Co., Inc., 923.76, Food; Papillion Sanitation, 26,758.08, Trash Collection; Paul Bartels Trucking Co., 6,558.39, Salt; PoliceOne.Com, 650.00, Taser Inst. Cert; Prairie Life Fitness, 128.40, Fitness Reimbursement; Protective Security Advisors, 13,661.25, Security; Publishers Prime, 331.74, Books; Purchase Power, 1,310.78, Svcs; Quality Tire, Inc., 400.00, Tires; R Mechanical LLC, 372.00, HVAC Svc; Ralston Arena Operating, 29,166.67, Sales Tax; Ralston Fire Dept Inc., 4,420.00, EMS Provider; Ralston Volunteer Fire Dept., 16,250.00, Fire Protection Agreement; Ralston-Byers Insurance Agency, 600.00, Public Officials Bonds; Recorded Books, Inc., 427.21, Books; RediTech, 2,180.50, Computer Support/Equipment; Reinhart Foodservice LLC, 296.76, Food; Ridder, Justine, 4,649.80, Reimbursement-Educational Assistance; Rose Brand Wipers, Inc., 730.98, Supplies; Sarpy County, 1,802.70, Animal Control; Sentrixx Security Solutions, 1,462.00, Camera Repair/Server; Shell, 219.83, Fuel; Sign-It, 159.52, Business Cards; Slingshot Promotions LLC, 4,786.77, Marketing Svcs; Solution One-Tx, 1,086.91, Copier; Spin Linen Management, 696.30, Linens; Stage Pay Services, Inc., 2,543.06, Svcs; T.N.T. Cleaning, 500.00, Janitorial; U.S. Foods, Inc., 4,466.03, Food; Unique Management Services, Inc., 26.85, Placements; Voya Institutional Trust Company, 4,300.00, Pension; Waldinger Corporation, 2,631.00, Svcs; Walmart Community, 1,085.69, Supplies; Warrior Mindset, 125.00, Training; Westlake Ace Hardware, 231.15, Supplies.



Council Minutes-Archive

City Council Minutes

The Ralston City Council meets the first and third Tuesday of the month.  The minutes of the meeting are posted below.